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Coin Counting Machines at Any Las Vegas Casinos?

Does anyone know of any casinos in Las Vegas that still have coin counters (currency, not gaming tokens)?  I'm just curious if there are any casinos where I could walk up to the cage with a couple Ziploc sandwich bags full of coins, ask for a bucket, and have the coins counted and exchanged for paper money.  I'm guessing that I'd be more likely to find this off strip or downtown, but perhaps some cages on the strip offer this service.  Coinstar is an option, but I'd hate to take a hit on their service fee, so if nothing else I'll just roll the coins myself and take them to the bank Smile

Downtown would be you best bet. I know both Main Street and the California still have some coin machines. Quarters for sure but not sure abour nickles. In fact the California has a self-service machine at the top of the escalator. Not sure if any of these casinos would take pennies or dimes.

Last I heard, Mermaid's Casino downtown also has coin machines.



TI has one near the cashier - you do it yourself, chuck the coins in and get a ticket to take to the cashier.  I cannot remember of there are any coins it does not accept...but it was a great discovery, we we build up so much change while we are there which is useless to us when we get home to the UK.

Unless they've removed it since March.

Somewhere else had one too...but I cannot for the life of me remember where.

we stopped by last week and I hadn't remembered that there is a 10% fee on the one at I felt I needed to come and mention that I guess it's no better than Coinstar in this respect...for us it's great, but for someone who lives in the US I am sure there are better options.

Yeah, the one at the California is still there (2nd floor - out front from the bathrooms and the coin-dropper uprights), works great, and it's free. We've used it for quarters & nickels ... never had a need for pennies ???
Just back recently and found one at Bellagio - if your back is to the main cage it's a few steps, right near the tables. It didn't seem to withhold anything from the total that we could see, though we did not study the receipt in detail.
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