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Rental Lease Question

From: rb702

I was wondering if anybody might know about rental agreements. I found a rental house and signed a lease with an agent the first week of April. I put down the majority of the deposit which was agreed to and the amount I put down was put in the lease as well as the amount due on the 1st of May when moving in. The check for the deposit has been cashed. About a week ago I received a call from the agent telling me the owner has changed property management and he would send me a paper to sign releasing my deposit to the new management. I was also told the new management was going to call me and introduce themselves. I did not receive the paper nor the call. After a couple days I called the agent I signed with and he was stumped on why the new people did not call me. Something told me to look online and lo and behold the house was posted on the 19th as being for rent at $50 higher per month than my lease specifies. Can an owner change property management after a lease has been signed and void the lease? I thought that the lease is legal and binding. What can I do when the move-in date is basically one week away?
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