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low key clubs...

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Mix is a lounge on top of THE hotel at Mandalay Bay. Open air...very chill, pretty cool and open every night. Can be pretty dead some nights, very random, but a cool place.

Playboy Club at Palms Fantasy Tower is pretty cool too. Mixes gaming and club/lounge.
The Deuce at Aria is similar but not as good.

Ghostbar is open every night at the top of Palms' regular tower.

Lavo and Tao lounges (not the clubs) may be a good option too.

I have not yet been but have heard good things about the bar/lounge on the 23rd Floor of the Mandarin at City Center (Mandarin Bar).

Other than that, you have to check which clubs are actually open which nights. If you're going during the week, none of the clubs will be "packed" except for those with locals/industry nights. It's not like a Fri or Sat at most places. The Bank on a Sun night is pretty good.

Hope that helps
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