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Bottle Service - Tryst VS. Tao Vs. Pure ???

Hey everyone,

I will be going to Vegas June 28 - July 2, 2012 for my bachelor party. We would like to do bottle service on Saturday. There will either be 5 guys or 6 guys and 1 girl. I think I have narrowed it down to Tao, Tryst & Pure. XS looks very sweet but a bit more pricey. If there are other clubs you recommend please let me know. Also, what is the best way to book a bottle service night to ensure no admission fee or waiting hours to get in? Is calling the club directly going to be fine? When recommending which club you prefer please include which room type to stay in also.

I would highly suggest booking via a VIP Host as they will be able to assist you in booking your hotel rooms, bottle service and even gentlemen's clubs with great deals. I have a couple of good friends who are VIP Host and I will gladly make an introduction if interested.
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