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Music Public Relations and Marketing

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Country: United States
State / Province: Nevada
City: Las Vegas
Zip: 89147
Street: 7269 Topeka Dr.
Phone: 310-860-9170
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Slogan: Music Public Relations and Marketing
Luck Media & Marketing's staff has a well-deserved and well-earned reputation as one of the most creative, productive, and successful PR organizations - and not only in the area of entertainment. A check of the client list - past and present - shows the broad extent of our operations, ranging from individuals to corporations to special events.

Luck Media & Marketing has separate divisions to handle general entertainment, music (all kinds), Latin, television, international and special events. Department heads hold regular meetings, allowing for an exchange of ideas and development of concepts and strategies to benefit all our clients.

Experienced and professional. Drawn from wide areas of entertainment and business. Able to work with management as well as media. No routine, assembly-line procedures, but a hands-on operation with all the staff members meeting on a daily basis to discuss clients and campaigns. No compartments. With Luck Media & Marketing, you get a point person on your account and the entire office as a team working for you, contributing concepts and ideas.

Luck Media & Marketing has the expertise to reach media of any kind with information about your company and your artists. From tip sheets to glossy magazines; from mass circulation newspaper to fanzines; TV in all its cable and superhighway variations; online and internet; and whatever is around the next corner and on the cutting edge to get information to the public, the people who buy the product. And also to guide you, to establish or change an image, to increase visibility and sales.

Luck Media & Marketing has professional affiliations with agencies in many foreign markets. The account executives are hired for their innovation and knowledge - with proficiency in as many as two dozen fields of PR - and are able to prepare creative campaigns. This is not a xerox - operated office.

Luck Media & Marketing knows the media. More importantly, it knows what the media wants and how to present it to them. We are in contact with editors, columnists, broadcasters, both print and electronic, representing every kind of editorial interest. If there is a spot for you in the media, Luck Media & Marketing will find it. If not we'll create it! We fashion specific approaches to the media on your behalf - direct consumer or special interest - combining it with press releases, news and photo tip sheets, prepared feature articles, photo mailers, syndicated and local column items exploiting and originating publicity opportunities on behalf of our clients. We respect the media; the media respects the professionalism of Luck Media & Marketing.

We have given you just six reasons why you should consider Luck Media & Marketing, Inc. for your PR needs. Believe us, we can give you sixty more. Just check us out - we stand on our creativity, reliability, productivity and professionalism.