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Country: United States
State / Province: Nevada
City: Las vegas
Zip: 89081
Street: 4480 Berg St. North Las Vegas, NV.
Phone: 702-657-8419
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AAA Quality Self Storage is your one stop shop for all of your self storage needs. Our facilities are clean, state of the art and we pride ourselves in excellent customer service. We carry a complete line of packing supplies and each facility has a moving truck you can use for free when you move-in*. Our rates and move-in specials are extremely competitive. Come check out our facility today and find out why we are the preferred self storage centers for Southern California and North Las Vegas
At each of our facilities you will find all of the supplies that you need for packaging and storage. We offer boxes, locks, packaging tape, foam peanuts, furniture covers and more! For more details please contact our self storage facility nearest you.
It’s tempting whenever you’re packing items up for self-storage just to rely on boxes you already have or can get hold of from your local supermarket. In many cases, you’ll be fine with this but it’s also wise to think about investing in some specialist packing supplies – after all, boxes degrade with use and there’s nothing worse than having a carefully packed box collapse on you as you try to load it into your unit!